9 Fast Facts About Crocs

9 Fast Facts About Crocs1

Crocs, the iconic foam-based shoes, have made a significant impact on the footwear industry since their introduction in 2002. Love them or hate them, Crocs have become a recognizable brand known for their unique design and comfort-first approach. In this article, we’ll explore nine fascinating facts about Crocs, from their origins to their immense popularity in recent years.

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9 Fast Facts About Crocs
9 Fast Facts About Crocs

1. Crocs first appeared on the shoe scene in 2002.

Founded by Colorado natives Scott Seamans, Lyndon Duke Hanson, and George Boedecker, Jr., Crocs burst onto the shoe scene in 2002. The trio innovated on a foam clog created by the Canadian brand Foam Creations, which they later acquired. Their debut model, known as the Beach, was unveiled at the 2002 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in Florida.

2. Inspired by the Dutch clog, Crocs were originally designed to be boating shoes.

The design and material makeup of Crocs may seem peculiar, but they were initially intended to be boating shoes. Drawing inspiration from the Dutch clogs, Crocs prioritized grip-focused soles, waterproof materials, and foot protection. Additionally, they were designed to be easily worn and removed, making them convenient for both boaters and everyday wear.

3. That proprietary Crocs foam is a thing of legends.

Crocs are made of a patented foam called Croslite, known for its exceptional performance on land and sea. While many assume it’s plastic or rubber, Croslite is actually a closed-cell resin. In 2018, the brand further innovated by introducing LiteRide, a material that is 25% lighter and 40% softer than Croslite, while still providing shock absorption and support.

4. Why are Crocs called Crocs? Yes, crocodiles.

The name “Crocs” is derived from the amphibious nature of crocodiles. Since Crocs were designed to perform well in various environments, including land and sea, the founders chose the name to symbolize this versatility.

5. There are exactly 13 holes on each pair of Crocs.

Whether you’re looking at a pair of kids’ Crocs or men’s size 15 Crocs, you’ll find precisely 13 holes on the top of the shoe. These holes serve a purpose beyond aesthetics – they provide ventilation and allow excess moisture to escape, keeping the shoes fresh and comfortable.

6. Crocs acquired family-owned company Jibbitz to turn those holes into profitable charm holders.

Recognizing the potential for personalization, Crocs acquired Jibbitz, a family-owned company, in 2006. Jibbitz was founded by Sheri Schmelzer and her husband Rich in 2005, driven by Sheri’s desire to decorate her kids’ Crocs with faux flowers and charms. The acquisition allowed Crocs to transform the 13 holes into profitable charm holders, and even after 15 years, Jibbitz charms remain an integral part of the Crocs empire.

7. Crocs has sold more than 720 million pairs of shoes since its inception.

Crocs’ popularity is undeniable, with over 720 million pairs of shoes sold worldwide since the brand’s establishment. Available in more than 90 countries, this impressive number reflects the widespread appeal and recognition of the Crocs brand.

8. Crocs is one of the top 10 non-athletic footwear brands in the world.

In September 2021, Crocs Inc. announced its projected revenue increase to surpass $5 billion by 2026, solidifying its position as one of the top 10 non-athletic footwear brands globally. The company has also expanded its reach through strategic acquisitions, including the footwear brand Hey Dude, valued at $2.5 billion.

9. Like Lysol and hand sanitizer brands, Crocs actually benefited from 2020.

While the COVID-19 pandemic had a detrimental impact on many businesses worldwide, Crocs experienced substantial growth. In 2020, the company reported earnings of $1.4 billion, marking a 12.6% increase compared to the previous year. Furthermore, Crocs’ stock price more than quadrupled during that period. This momentum continued, with the third quarter of 2021 seeing record revenue of $625.9 million, a remarkable 73% increase from the same period in 2020.

In conclusion, Crocs have undeniably made their mark in the world of footwear. From their humble beginnings as boating shoes to becoming a global phenomenon, Crocs’ unique design and comfort-focused approach have earned them a dedicated following. With their proprietary foam and iconic charm holders, Crocs continue to be a recognizable and sought-after brand in the fashion industry.

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