Your Ultimate Guide to Crocs Sizing: Do You Need to Size Up or Down?

crocs size up or down

Crocs. A household name across the globe, this revolutionary shoe brand is known for its comfort, practicality, and appearance (that some may say has divided the nation for decades!). Never afraid to cross the boundary between relaxed style and flamboyance, it’s easy to see why Crocs is such a divisive brand in fashion circles today. Whether you’re ‘Team Crocs’ or a part of the ‘Stop Crocs’ crew, we’ve created a complete guide to answer everything you’ve ever wanted to know when it comes to this functional footwear titan. From Crocs sizing and what they’re made of to how to clean them and where to buy a pair, keep reading to learn more about what makes these shoes a worthy addition to your shoe rack.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Crocs Sizing

What are Crocs?

Originally created for boaters, Crocs are clog-like shoes designed to be waterproof and provide good grip, especially in wet conditions. Crocs are springy, soft, and pliable, as well as light on the feet (a pair weighs a mere six ounces!). This, combined with features such as a no-slip sole and its distinguishing aerating holes, means that the shoe is now worshipped by nurses, doctors, gardeners, decorators – the list goes on. If you’ve ever wondered why Crocs are called Crocs, it’s because these practical beauties are proven to perform well on sea and land, so the brand took inspiration from the prehistoric, multi-environment beast: the crocodile.

Who invented Crocs?

Crocs’ story started with three friends – Lyndon Hanson, Scott Seamans, and George Boedecker – who were planning a boating trip to Mexico. It just so happened that at the time of this holiday, Scott (an inventor and boating fanatic) was developing a foam clog with a Canadian shoe company called ‘Foam Creations’. A style that was slip-resistant, comfortable, and (most importantly) didn’t sink was a boating shoe revelation and drew the attention of the friends who spotted a major opportunity. They developed this clog by adding a strap to the back, noticing that the shape looked like crocodile snouts from the side – and hey presto, Crocs was born. The first model (given the name ‘The Beach’) was unveiled in 2002 at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in Florida, where the shoe skyrocketed to success and all stock sold out. Crocs have only kept growing, with a staggering 850 million pairs sold globally since doors were opened.

Are Crocs cool?

Crocs have found stardom across all four corners of the world (85 countries to be exact) – and not just among the average consumer. They’ve been sported by various famous characters, such as celebrities like Rihanna and John Cena, and those in high places such as George W. Bush, Kate Middleton, and Prince George. Even designer label Balenciaga has shown this unique clog approval, only adding to the reasons why Crocs are so popular. Not only that, but the brand has some impressive statistics in its back pocket. Crocs have a combined social media following of 5.3 million and an eye-watering 7.1 billion views on TikTok for videos using the hashtag ‘crocs’. If you’re still wondering if Crocs are fashionable, take a look at the graph below, which shows a huge increase in demand for the footwear in 2022 – likely driven by its newfound social media popularity.

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Are Crocs cool?

Crocs Sizing: Do You Need to Size Up or Down?

When it comes to Crocs sizing, many people wonder whether they should size up or down. The good news is that Crocs typically fit true to size – so you don’t need to worry about sizing up or down. If you’re asking yourself ‘what size Crocs should I buy?’, stick to your normal sizing. If you’re a half size, it’s best to order the next size up as Crocs are only available in half sizes. Unlike shoes made from fabric or leather, another bonus is that Crocs shoes do not stretch, so you can keep wearing yours for years to come and they’ll still be as comfortable as the day you bought them!

If you need help finding your shoe size, why not visit our guide on how to measure your shoe size? Browse the Crocs size charts for men, women, and kids below to find your perfect fit:

Crocs Size Chart for Men

3 36 4 22-23
4 37 5 23-24
5 38 6 24-25
6 39 7 25-26
7 41 8 26-27
8 42 9 27-28
9 43 10 28-29
10 45 11 29-30
11 46 12 30-31
12 48 13 31-32
13 49 14 32-33
14 50 15 33-34
15 51 16 34-35

Crocs Size Chart for Kids

2-3C 17-18 C4 9.8-10
3-4C 18-19 C5 10.7-11
4-5C 19-20 C6 11.7-12
5-6C 20-21 C7 12.6-13
6-7C 22-23 C8 13.6-14
7-8C 23-24 C9 14.8-15
8-9C 24-25 C10 15.8-16
9-10C 25-26 C11 16.6-17
10-11C 26-27 C12 17.4-18
11-12C 27-28 C13 18.3-19
12-13J 29-30 J1 19.2-20
13-1J 30-31 J2 20-20.5
1-2J 31-32 J3 20.8-21
2-3J 33-34 J4 21.6-22
3-4J 34-35 J5 22.4-23
4-5J 36-37 J6 23.2-23.8

When purchasing Crocs for yourself or your kids, consult the size chart to ensure you get the most accurate fit. Remember that it’s better to have a slightly roomy pair of Crocs rather than ones that are too tight, as they should provide comfort and allow for a bit of wiggle room.

How should Crocs fit?

According to Crocs, their ‘Classic’ clogs should fit differently from ordinary shoes. You want them to be fairly snug to your feet so there’s minimal sliding when you walk. Your heel should rest securely when the shoes aren’t in ‘sport mode,’ and the sides, roof of the shoe, and arch area should comfortably hug your feet. There should also be wiggle room at the front and back of your Crocs (about a cm) – a good test is that you should be able to get your finger between the strap and your heel. It’s also worth mentioning that Crocs do offer three different fit options: roomy, relaxed, and standard fit. The original clogs are roomy fit, while full-shoe styles with laces and straps typically fit into the ‘relaxed’ or ‘standard fit’ categories. So, whether you have narrower feet or wide, you’ll find the perfect fit for you.


Crocs have become a footwear phenomenon, loved by many for their comfort, functionality, and unique style. When it comes to sizing, Crocs generally fit true to size, so there’s no need to size up or down. Stick to your regular shoe size, and if you’re a half size, opt for the next size up. With their wide range of sizes and fit options, including roomy, relaxed, and standard, you can find the perfect pair of Crocs to suit your feet. So, embrace the comfort and versatility of Crocs and add a pair to your shoe rack today!


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